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China National Bamboo Research Center

The bamboo industry, which is not only an inalienable and vital component of forestry, but also featured with its unique regime of silviculture ,processing, utilization and scientific research, plays an increasing important role in state economy, environmental protection,and forestry construction.In order to achieve and keep the international leading position of China in the aspect of bamboo`s science and technology, the China National Bamboo Research Center (CBRC)has been established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province under Collaboration of the original Ministry of Forestry (MOF) with Zhejiang Province so as to take a full advantage of bamboo resources , scientific and technical talent, and geographical positions of Zhejiang Province, popularize successful experiences to all bamboo-grown areas of China, and further promote all-sided growth of the China`s bamboo industry as a whole.
Relied on science and technology, oriented by market , and based on bamboo industry, CBRC ushers in a novelty management model integrated with "science, industry, trade", and "trade, industry, bamboo" to keep running bamboo industry of science and technology much better. The main Missions of CBRC are ;(a).China National Bamboo Research Center. It undertakes , organizes and coordinates major international and domestic bamboo projects of research and exploitation;(b). China Foreign Exchange Center for Bamboo. It undertakes international technical and economic exchange and cooperation, and personnel training in the area of bamboo; (c).China National Bamboo Industry Group. It will be managed and operated by modality of share -holding, and gradually grown into a locomotive and backbone enterprise of China`s bamboo industry.
In the process of capital construction, CBRC has already organized some of celebrated bamboo scholars, experts to undertake some projects, such as international exchang and cooperation, and application for the establishment of the China National Bamboo Engineering Center, etc. CBRC is one of standing council members of the China Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries Network, and regularly undertakes foreign personnel training of bamboo and ote=her international projects granted by the United Nations Development Program(UNDP),and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC).The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) was founded in Beijing in 1997 under the approval of the State Council of P.R.China. CBRC will be functioned as a bamboo Branch, and important component of INBAR Headquarter to actively carry out international research and exploitation programs of bamboo.
CBRC is led directly under the original MOF, and managed by the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF)under authorization of the MOF .Headquartered in the Hi-tech Area of West Lake District, Hangzhou,CBRC occupies ground area of 1.6 ha. The multi-functional China Bamboo Plaza is soared nearby the beautiful West Lake. The Plaza has a construction area of 15,000 sq. M. With an investment of over RMB 70millions yuan (RMB 60 millions yuan earmarked from the MOF, and RMB 10millions yuan funded by ourselves).CBRC will undertake scientific research,exploitation, exhibition, product analysis and testing ,hi-tech exploitation, international personal training, and world trade ,etc .so as to serve well all our bamboo colleagues in China and in the world in all aspects.
Add: No.138,Wenyi Road Hangzhou Province
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