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The Regional Cooperation Office for City Informatization

Brief Introduction of RCOCI
According to The Shanghai Declaration and The Statutes of the Cooperation Committee of High-Level Forum on City Informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region adopted by the first "High-Level Forum on City Informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region" (CIAPR) in June 2000, The Regional Cooperation Office for City Informatization (RCOCI) was set up in Shanghai with the support of the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Ministry of Information Industry of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
RCOCI is responsible for sponsoring and coordinating conferences, training programs and exhibitions on city informatization. RCOCI has established a website on city informatization (, which serves as a platform for consultation, discussions and exchanges among municipal governments in the Asia-Pacific region, and provides various information services. RCOCI takes charge of establishing a network of communication and contacts among cities participation in the Forum, preparing for the next Forum, as well as promoting joint programs among cities participating in CIAPR. RCOCI also functions as the Asia-Pacific regional center for UNPAN (United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance) (, to promote the sharing of information and cooperation among cities of the region in the development and modernization of government, public administration and public services.

Management Structure     
Responsibilities of RCOCI Departments
Coordination Secretariat
Responsible for overall coordination, programming and planning of the work of the whole office; Responsible for office administration, secretarial work, running expense and the personnel arrangement.
Liaison and Cooperation Department
Responsible for the contact with international organizations and cities in the Asia-Pacific Region; Responsible for promoting the cooperation and exchange between and among cities of this region; Responsible for coordinating related publicity activities and exhibitions.
Information Technology Department
Responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of; Responsible for collecting and issuing the news related to city informatization.
Forum Preparation Department
Responsible for the preparation and arrangement for the annual sessions of CIAPR.
Training Department
Responsible for designing training programs of the office; Responsible for the routine work of the training center.
Resources Department
Responsible for the development and exploitation of resources relevant to city informatization of cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Brief Introduction of
The website was established for bridging the digital gap and promoting the exchange and cooperation on city informatization between and among cities in the Asia-Pacific Region.
The website serves for the extensive dissemination of information and publication on city informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region, and rendering successful cases, best solutions and practices on the development of city informatization. It also functions as the working platform for the preparation and convening of High-Level Forum on City Informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region (CIAPR), and offers effective channels for the exchange between and among mayors, policy-makers, enterprise leaders and IT experts in the region.

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